Setting up the device initially and using it is pretty intuitive and goes quickly. The new maps are available directly from Mio on DVD due to the large file size. Anybody crack open the case yet? See if a temperature range is stated in the manual. I am placing them in the F: This works fine, most of the time.

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Malenda on Unlocking the Mio C —….

It requires the eVB runtime files. Tear out the antenna jack and replace it with a headphone jack maybe.

: Mio DigiWalker C Inch Portable GPS Navigator: Cell Phones & Accessories

Brad said, May 15, Did most entries quicker than mii new unit. Then, if I click on any button, nothing happens, I just hear the click sound.

Fast-flyover mode runs at 10X the speed-limit rate and voice instructions are not played, but it is much more useful for reviewing a planned route. Kio a map update is released before you purchase your device or up to 30 days after you first use it, you will be entitled to moo a free map update mii the maps that were originally installed on the device at purchase same coverage and features as the initial map apply.


Wow, nice job C! Is this a downside when using a locked device? November 3, at 3: But this is a great price for a product that gives you what you need. I tried to do the update twice but it always locks up. Brad said, May 20, 6: I am having the same problem as Juliano and Guga7.

Easily select destinations, preview route plans and go! You might also choose a clock or desktop default screen and never access the others.

Warranty & Support

This works fine, most of the time. If you wish to undo the enhancements and return the Mio C mip to factory condition:. I just added to your coffee cup. ZIP is available here and the converted scripts are available here. I too found a Missile Command clone that works well with the C, but am not able to get the correct icon file to show on the desktop.

Guga7 said, May 18, At this point, I can go back and view it all in my Track Logs, but…. Well, I knew it could be done, and it seems to work flawlessly. This could be because:. Some of the reviews that I read about the C complained that the instructions were difficult to understand and that it took a couple of hours of playing with the device before it could be used.


The only thing that I didn’t like about this Mio C is that it does not tell you whitch side of the street the house is on, and that you are unable to change the time in the system after it was entered once. People who bought this also bought. Storage Memory enhancer is included so that your allocation will miio 4MB, rather than the default KB, resulting in reliable performance since you should no longer be running out of memory.

How to Add Maps to the Mio C | It Still Works

Hey, great ideas Rob! My only complaint is the annoying beep prior to each verbal instruction Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Some brochures or product cut sheets would be helpful. I see in this thread http: There is no screw underneath the stickers although it feels like there is.