Protection is divided up into three categories of personal protective equipment, Full , BA and BA for fire only. When changing the background colour is not possible such as with handwriting , the use of brackets means the same as a black background. Vehicle Classification There are various aspects to a dangerous goods compliant vehicle, all of which differ depending of what substances you are transporting. These vehicles have been adapted to suit any hazchem requirement, specifications include: Break Bulk, Abnormal Loads Our additional dangerous goods transportation services include:

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BA acronym for breathing apparatus specifies that a portable breathing apparatus must be used at all times in and around the chemical, and BA for fire only specifies that a breathing apparatus is not necessary for short exposure periods to the chemical but is required if the chemical is on alight.

Retrieved from ” https: The system permits a medium of a higher numeric classification to be used than that indicated, however, a medium with bazchem lower numeric classification than that indicated should not be used. This condition is denoted by an E at the end of any emergency action code. It also indicates to the incident controller that evacuation of the surrounding area may be necessary.

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Retrieved from http: The null plate does not include an EAC or substance identification. Full Vehicle Compliance Hazchemwize January 19, We are proudly one of the few players in the market that can offer a truly holistic Hazchem transportation service, including:. If you are transporting any listed dangerous goods as per SANS then the vehicle that you are transporting it in, as well as the driver, must be compliant as legislated.


Use fog, foam or dry agent, substance is not violent, use full PPEdilute spill. The Dangerous Goods Emergency Action Code EAC List is reviewed every two years and is an essential compliance document for all emergency services, local government and for those who may control the planning for, and prevention of, emergencies involving dangerous goods.

In Australia with the update of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code volume 7 as ofthe white letter on a black background has been removed, making BA a requirement at all large incidents regardless of whether the substance is involved in a fire. In the event of a chemical incident, the EAC may specify that an evacuation may be necessary as the chemical poses a public hazard which may extend beyond the immediate vicinity.

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What is Vehicle Compliance? EAC’s are characterised by a single number 1 hazchwm 4 and either one or two letters depending on the hazard.

Drop Sides and Flat Bedsl Curtain sides taut liners Panel-vans Crane-mounted vehicles Refrigerated units Long-Distance Transport Long distance transportation typically refers to dangerous goods transportation between various city centres, and can also be referred to as Line Haul. The resultant Hazchem Code for the three substances carried gruck a multi-load will therefore be 4WE. This resultant character Y is then taken along the top row and the character for the third substance W is taken along the left hand column.

Dangerous Goods Transportation Hazchemwize February 25, Vehicle Classification There are various aspects to a dangerous goods compliant vehicle, all of which differ depending hazcgem what substances you are transporting.

At Hazchemwize, we understand that the distribution of hazardous materials needs to be safe, timeous and reliable. This means that a fire must be fought using foam or dry agent if a small firethat it can react violently and is explosive, that fire fighters must wear a portable breathing apparatus at all times, or if a white on black Y, only if there is a fire, and that the run-off needs to be contained.


These vehicles have been adapted to suit any hazchem requirement, specifications include: This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Use dry agent only, substance is not violent, full PPE essential, contain spill. Long distance transport is yet another key ingredient to the safe and effective flow of hazardous goods.

If evacuation is not possible, advice to stay in doors and secure all points of ventilation may be necessary. There is also a standard null Hazchem plate to indicate the transport of non-hazardous substances. Eight ‘major categories’ exist which are commonly denoted by a black letter on a white background.

The intersection point is now W. Our routing and scheduling systems ensure that deliveries are made on-time and real-time systems help to maximize the efficiency of the supply chain. Contain requires that the spillage must not come in contact with drains or water courses.


When transporting dangerous goods, it is a requirement that Tremcard is present is the vehicle that is transporting that dangerous goods. Break bulk, which involves a part-load program, typically any weight above 1 ton. Truck hire yruck involves the Adhoc, daily, weekly or monthly, hiring of hazchem compliant vehicles and accredited drivers should the need exist. Abnormal Loads, the movement of abnormal structures, weights or masses.