The name of the local node. Some drivers need additional Erlang code in order to run. They rebuild automatically anyway; this is just making them rebuild faster. Hi all, My impression of Riak has always been that it would recover from anything but yesterday we had the worst happened, there was a power outage so all the servers in a Riak cluster went down, once they were back we have been having these constant so my questions are: At regular intervals, the histograms are dumped to summary. In reply to this post by Magnus Kessler.

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Correct it in GitHub. If you are a user, or worse, a sysadmin, you need to watch the application running from the outside.

The measured latency and throughput of the test can be found in. Hi, In the Benchmarking docs on the basho homepage http: The protocol is dummy enough to be a perfect playground. The driver is randomly invoked using the distribution of operations as specified by the operations configuration setting.


And the RPM is actually here: Search everywhere only in this topic. On invocation of the driver: Operations are defined on a per-driver basis.

This is needed for some drivers that require a string key. This is explicitly seeded, rather than seeded from the current time, so that a test can be run in a predictable, repeatable fashion.

Bearstech vous propose ses services Audit de Performance web memcached.

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This is not our production cluster but our development is now stuck because all the data we had there would take days to restore from another cluster, I hope there is a solvable problem. Don’t bother with error handling, let your scenario crash, it’s Erlang.

Free forum by Nabble. How does it work? Implementing a Document Store.

See the existing drivers for more details. The Riak bucket to use for reading and writing baaho. The name of the local node. Your computer is cute, fast and tough, but it’s not the real world.

Riak Users – Download link for basho-bench tool

Unit tests are mandatory: The bsho is 3 worker processes. Previous results are in timestamped directories of the form. During test setup, Basho Bench creates the following: On 31 May at The default is 5 minutes. Throughput — Operations per second over the duration of the test. You can bench parts of your code, and watch its bsaho, but you need to watch the whole application in real conditions. Default drivers are provided, but it’s easy to write new one: Try it, just for the beauty of the graph.


Download link for basho-bench tool

Basho is one of the spearhead of the Erlang world with Nine Nines. Finally, once the test has been run for the duration specified in the config file, all workers and stats processes are terminated and the benchmark ends.

Basho built Riak, and when an Erlang tool is missing or squeaky, they build a new one.