Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. While any kind of custom interface has its own quirks and requires a learning curve, the results here are largely successful, and Touch Gate gives you access to lots of useful functions. The speakers lack any real bass, but the range of highs and midtones are fine. Most interesting was FotoFun, which lets you flip through photo galleries, moving and rotating photos with your finger similar to what we’ve seen in HP’s TouchSmart systems. Touch Gate is an alternative desktop environment to Windows XP … essentially a new, simplified touch interface that sits on top of Windows XP.

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Continue to next page 01 ASUS was also kind enough to include a soft slipcase to keep the glossy T91 looking like new when you toss it inside your backpack, briefcase, or purse. Pen stylus silo, headphone jack, microphone jack, USB 2. You launch the Touch Gate interface by either tapping a physical button on the screen bezel you hold the same button down to rotate through screen orientationslaunching from a desktop shortcut, or by tapping a launch button on the Mac-like Eee dock bar that sits at the top of the Windows XP desktop.

Asus includes several useful widgets to start with, and more are available from Yahoo. It’s smaller even than the original 7-inch Eee PC. There’s a short animation of the screen rotating, landing on the main Touch Gate interface window.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The obvious compromises, besides the smaller display, are the tiny keyboard and touch pad, but the tradeoff is a system that’s very svelte and easy to carry. Battery Battery aus with the integrated 3-cell lithium-polymer battery is reasonably impressive for a compact travel tablet. Tablet Features The T91 quickly converts into tablet mode with a twist of the screen and a press of the dedicated ewe rotate button.


Asus Eee T91 – Wikipedia

We selected a family-friendly movie trailer and downloaded three different versions in ppand p resolutions. This screen holds five large app icons, meant for easy tapping with a finger or stylus. Visit manufacturer aasus for details.

Touch Gate also includes simple notepad and memo applications in case you need to scribble a few quick notes during the day.

ASUS Eee PC T91 Review

The T91 only gives you two USB 2. I would have also liked to see an easy-access panel for the SSD, scrsen since the T91 includes a second SD card slot just for storage expansion I suppose I can live without easy access to the internal SSD. The bottom of the netbook chassis shows a simple RAM access cover.

The Synaptics touchpad used on the T91 is surprisingly large considering the 8. Adding new shortcut icons limited to no more than five at one time to the Touch Gate interface is as simple as drag and drop.

After calibration everything worked fine.

eew Is it a good tablet to buy if you just want a cheap secondary computer to carry with you for taking notes, staying connected, or sharing video, photos, and music? We delete comments that violate toucb policywhich we asue you to read.

Flicking your finger near the right side of the Widget screen will take you back to the main Windows XP desktop. The screen on the Eee PC T91 is a resistive touch panel, so it works sccreen any input device, such as your fingers or the included nonactive stylus. The touchscreen accuracy seems good, though our review unit required recalibration after it arrived since the touchscreen was showing activity about a half inch to the right of where we touched the screen.


The integrated lithium polymer battery certainly helps keep thickness to a minimum, but the lack of an extended life battery option may bother some shoppers more on that later. The speakers produce good volume enough to fill a small room and there is minimal distortion until you get to higher volume levels.

The optional custom touch interface, with big, easy to grab icons, works well–even if it’s not as slick and responsive as acreen touch interface on, for example, an iPhone. HP Spectre x 13 late If you want to upgrade the RAM in your T91 all you have to do is remove two screws on the access panel on the bottom of the netbook.

ASUS Eee PC Tablet Notebook Model T91mt With Windows 7 Home & Touch Screen

Besides the custom version tluch Internet Explorer that includes some useful finger gesture controls although we’d much rather see a version of FirefoxAsus also includes a handful of proprietary software packages, including notepad and memo programs for handwriting notes. The T91 also includes the standard headphone and microphone jacks, Ethernet port, and a standard VGA out port.

By plugging the SD card into the second SD card slot labeled “disk-expander”you now have a much more practical 32GB of total storage. Security lock slot and VGA out. The left and right touchpad buttons are located beneath the touchpad under a single touvh button.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in