Untested but power’s on. Browse Related Browse Related. The result, Altina still can show good position in GPS map though we put it under car chair. Review by Dave Burrows. AV in Function, Support video signal only, no voice input. Wirelessly connects to devices via Bluetooth.

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We also vexed to try explores with this peripheral. Altina offer re-badged versions of the popular GPS Receivers running the latest firmware.

It also sends these coordinates to gmap-track. It’s All You Need? More about this later though.

There are no subscription fees or setup charges to use GPS. The Bluetooth LED will blink 3 times per second when it’s searching for a Bluetooth Device, once a second when it’s transferring data and once every three seconds when it’s in Standby Mode. Hold Power button of 3 sec to turn it ON.

Extra active antenna connecting port for getting better satellites signal Submit A Support Request. Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery without external power supply 7. I opened it to inspect all items inside.


Small, sleek, and lightweight design easily fits on your hand Sporty and Stylist Head Also shop in Also shop in. Except you requires perfect signal receiving to get high GPS position accuracy. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! Item is brand new in an opened package. Provide expand terminal contact to other system without Bluetooth device 9.

FLASH based program memory. There is a quick set up process that includes pairing your device with the Receiver. Though has sensitive good signal receiving, Altina still supplying its peripheral with outside antenna connector which you can buy it separately. Skip to main content. The top of the case is a cream colour with a grey base.

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You will see from the photos below that the power on button blurtooth leftthe data port top right and yps external antenna port left are all in identical positions, the only difference is to the outer casing which has a new design which makes the GPS look a little larger than the Holux GR You Decide Samsung i Provide Continued mode and Power Saving mode for user’s requirement 8.


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Altina GBT Bluetooth GPS receiver – My lil web adobe

One mores interesting from Altina GBT it is the lithium ion battery. Plug in to 12VDC source for continuous Tom Tom’s Bluetooth device is designed for people who already own a compatible device that supports Bluetooth. Environmental Specification Operating Temp. Safe and legal—good things to be when cruising down the road. One touch on the screen and you are free to ramble on the road and on the phone simultaneously.