Figure Com port setup dialog Selecting one of the Channel setup buttons opens up a dialog like Figure shows. SiS software modem try and find the proper driver’s, this is a list of modem driver’s I downloaded. The waveform observed should take a continuous form without limiting segments or deep notches or other discontinuities. This is an access level 3 operation. The window displays the currently configured bit rates and init strings. Record in Table line a the measured delay time from cable removal until the standby transmitter has switched off. On newer PA mod- ules, the power reading is pre-adjusted, and the scaling value should be set to 1.

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The audio phase relationship between the course and clearance signals must be in phase to ensure that these signals always add to and not subtract from each other.

Check that the equipment carries out a changeover to Tx 1 before shutoff. To use it you must first connect and log in on a ILS rack access level 1.

Socket A Socket Vendor String: This procedure provides modme method to complete a line entry of the normal parameters on FAA Formwith the equipment in normal configuration. The options text is enclosed by two blinking square-brackets.


Measure the rf frequency of the transmitter s by connecting the counter to the COU CSB test connector on the front of the facility. Figure Configuration upload When the OK button is clicked, the RMM software starts the upload and displays a window telling the user that the operation is in progress.


See Appendix B for factory default settings. When you’ve selected a menu title or command, the 701 line changes to display a one-line summary of the function of the selected item.

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Executed by tower personnel if ILS is not taken out of modemm. Check boxes differ from radio buttons in that you can have any number of check boxes checked at any time.

This is accomplished Maintenance Procedures This is faster and safer than using the Modem hang-up string.

When you are using the key- board, press Alt and the highlighted letter sq an item to activate it. Main Rss Feed Sitemap. The modem init string should be: This window displays the time stamps of the first, the currently displayed one, and the last sample stored in the file.

For external channels that are not used, no measurement field will be shown e. Determine if the difference is within the operating tolerance of paragraph f. Figure User administration window The available master user operations is outlined in the table below.

Data from all types of log files may be exported. Confirm that the carrier feedline DDM is not more than established reference value.

External RF Signal Generator applied as signal source. The access levels are also left when the front panel switches are changed to an illegal posi- tion.



mpdem This procedure provides a method to determine that the audio phase relationship between the Hz modulation tones of the path and clearance transmitters for glide slope or the 90 Hz and Hz modulation tones of the course and clearance transmitters for localizer are in phase.

The result of the continuous mon- itor self test is also shown. The sd settings covered in this chapter does not affect the operation of remote ILS systems in any manner. Figure Channel setup dialog Note: Now, i downloaded some drivers from the realtek site for unix but i have no idea if it will work which i.

The Power supply is a separate, wall mounted unit. Set the scope’s input mode to DC.

Normarc 7013 Ils Operating Manual Huog Dan Van Hanh 91140

Rf power measurements using the Bird Wattmeter must always be accomplished with the same meter and elements. Refer to chapter 7 for detailed information on uploading configuration after e. No adjustments are necessary.

To determine if site sa are compromising the measurement, repeat steps 1 through 5 at alternate distances. Driver detals sis software!