It’s for guys who don’t care about brand, just performance. I bought them after I had a chance to hit a similar name brand club sold at the retail proshops. Great clubs made to measure for the best value for money you will spend. They could be just like that except the cavity would be half white and half black and they would be slightly blackened. I got my clubs 2 days ago. Mecanically I know an awful lot about mechanics , to make the golf ball fly you are developing potential energy then releasing that potential energy in a controlled way to violently strike a polyurethane sphere with a dense piece of metal, thats it. The irons look great, set up nicely and the ball literally explodes off the clubface.

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You also get a risk-free 30 Day Play Guarantee. Shaft Material see all Shaft Material. I can only use the same ball for one round.

– firstworldmall

Been a faithful customer ever since and have trued the occasional club for comparison sake. The top 10 reasons not to buy used gigagilf The look and feel of the clubs are totally inside my head. The performance was as hoped for with a game improvement clubs.

I am typically Your online club fitting is a nice feature. I can flat out bring it with these clubs. Why is choosing the correct grip type and size so important? The biggest difference is that Gigagoolf feel confident that the clubs will perform because they were made specifically for me and so I can relax and let the club to the work rather than have to compensate for something that was off the rack. Having 30 days to try these out risk free is too good to be true.


GigaGolf C9 Irons

The titanium inserts give you added distance when you make contact in the sweet spot. Broke 80 for the first time a couple weeks ago with my GG irons. Nice clubs; compare to Ping Raptures at far less cost. Sign in Already have an account? We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. I purchased a set of irons for my 14 yr old son last year – what a first set gigagolff clubs huh?

Posted August 4, I’ve been playing golf for 35 years.

Gigagolf equipment

I’ve never had one fail. Probably so, gigatolf that’s why I am probably just venting here and you will never see this comment in unedited form. Adding weight to the heel of the club promotes a draw bias and adding weight to the toe promotes a fade bias.

I ordered that with an x-stiff shaft based on their efitter. Hopefully this issue is now closed.

First, it allows most of the clubhead mass to be concentrated around the perimeter of the iron head creating a larger swe et spot for more forgiveness. My handicap has gone down to 13 from 17 since I’ve used these irons.


For the most part, though, I just get the feeling that watching these guys in Golfsmith or PGA Superstore whacking balls in the cage with some salesman telling them why club X, Y, Z fits their game is a waste of time.

I ordered a few gigavolf and ended up returning them, but there was no question asked and I received a very prompt refund. Hybrids are hot and these are some of the hottest. You get much more than you pay for with Gigagolf when comparing to the price of other clubs.

My playing partners often ask what brand of gigagolc that I play with and I just smile and say a custom club maker in the US.

There is absolutely no reason why you would pick up some US website to purchase some sticks.

I got so frustrated I considered giving up the game. I believe that beyond very high quality components the fitting process is the key. I just opened the box.